Wu Tang Collection - Lady Iron Monkey

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Director: Chen Chi Hwa
Cast: Kam Fong Ling, Chen Sing, Lo Lieh, Wong Tai Liang

A monkey girl (Kam Fung Ling) is captured and taught gung fu by an old Master (Miao Tien). Later, she comes into contact with the 4th Prince (Chen Sing) and naively steals the current Emperor’s will so that the 4th Prince can alter it to make himself the next Emperor. The Monkey Girl falls in love with the 4th Prince and tries to make herself more pretty by soaking her body in a solution that will make her “monkey-ness” disappear. Now pretty, but still with her deadly monkey tail, the Monkey Girl finds out that the 4th Prince is now the Emperor, and very bad man to add. The Emperor tries to kill her and the 8 Heroes, but when she and a few heroes survive the hidden bomb blast, the Monkey Girl decides to fight back.

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