Why This Is The Best Harry Potter Movie

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Do You Agree That THIS Was The Best Harry Potter Film Ever Made?

Harry Potter is one of the most beloved franchises across the world, with the series having millions of fans, all of whom have a deep affinity with the magical world. But that doesn’t mean that HP fans agree on everything, with a number of fans debating which is the best character, the best novel, their favorite spell and of course which house is unequivocally the best. This debate of course continues onto which movie in the series is the best, with everyone having their favorite movie for differing reasons. Of course, which one is best is always going to be relatively subjective, but there is surprisingly seemingly somewhat of a consensus with there being a movie that is consistently topping the polls as the number one Harry Potter movie- ‘Prisoner of Azkaban’- and there is good reason for that.

In this video we will discuss why Prisoner of Azkaban is seen as the greatest Harry Potter movie off all time, what makes it tick and why it is so universally popular. That will include the vision implemented by the movie’s director, the introduction to new characters and outstanding thespians, and a tonal shift that would define the movies to come.

So get on your broomsticks and get ready to fly away from your ordinary muggle life, and return to the world of witchcraft and wizardry, where you can get a pint of butterbeer and some chocolate frogs, sit back and relax and relive the story of Prisoner of Azkaban.


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