Top 10 Anime Where MC Gets Betrayed and Will Do Anything to Get His Revengeᴴᴰ

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• Thumbnail: Angolmois Record of Mongol Invasion
• Intro Song: Scenarioart - Hello Goodbye
• Background Music: World Break-OST
• Outro- TheFatRat- Close to the sun
0:37 Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest
1:20 claymore
2:08 Arslan Senki
3:28 91 days
4:08 Redo of healer
4:39 Akatsuki no Yona
5:25 Blast ofTempest
6:07 Black Butler
7:04 Tatte no Yuusha
8:04 Vinland Saga
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