Tim Grittani's 2 Favorite Scanners

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Tim Grittani is back! This time he joins Tim Bohen to break down what he looks for when building a watchlist. With so many plays in the market, it’s essential to keep your eye on a *manageable* number of stocks. Grittani has two scans to help you narrow down your options!

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Grittani runs two scans every night — one for listed stocks and one for OTCs. Be sure to check the video for an in-depth breakdown of each.

Here’s a quick

First, look for volatility. Whether you’re trading long or short, you want to build your scans around it.

You also want to select or unselect markets, depending on which you’re scanning.

Once you’ve got your listed stocks, look at the percent gain on the day. Having a percent gain on the day greater than or equal to 20% is a great starting point.

Add in a criteria for liquidity! Lack of volume makes a stock more unpredictable.

Then it comes down to looking for familiar daily chart patterns and prioritizing your favorite patterns.

Now, when you’re scanning OTCs, you can cast a wider net on the percent gain of the day. Grittani may not add a stock to his watchlist, but he’ll still set a price alert.

Tune in for ALL the details.

There’s a lot that comes down to personal preference with OTCs. But again, remember to check the liquidity … You might want to raise this a bit to narrow that list down.

Once you’ve got your list to a manageable number, pull up those daily charts, find that liquidity, and check out which ones are approaching big multi-day breakout levels.

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