The Mustang returns... for now. 1965 Mustang restomod project part 17

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It has been a while since we saw the Mustang. Why? Well, rebuilds have been profitable for the last year and since I make my money there and not from the videos like the big channels, those are my focus. I wanted to slow down my number of builds so I could work on this project but when profits have doubled and selling time is minutes instead of hours, it would be a bad decision to slow down to work on a build that not only has no profit but actually costs me money. The videos don't even pay me for my time I spend editing, let alone cover the cost of the build. I do want to start another big build like this (which you won't see) so this one needs to be out of the way. If you want videos faster, I suggest building your own classic car. Here are some links that might help with that: for replacement parts for many different types of vehicles.
if you are looking for more than original replacement parts for your project.

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