Tesla Giga Shanghai Is Actively Preparing a Huge Batch of Cars for Export in Q3 2021

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Tesla is actively preparing for Q3 and hundreds of vehicles are produced daily for export at Giga Shanghai factory. Wu Wa/YouTube reported that a large number of vehicles with protective films are transported from the factory every day. In the video footage, we can see about 400 cars being loaded onto semi-trailers.

"Production at Giga Shanghai will reach full capacity this year, meaning hundreds of thousands of China-made Tesla vehicles will hit the road around the world. In recent months, the company has been increasing exports and with an increase in production, more and more cars will be sent abroad," writes Eva Fox in the Tesmanian.

Wu Wa, who made this video from Giga Shanghai and allowed Torque News to use it, got several interesting comments about this huge batch of Tesla cars ready to be delivered in Q3 of 2021.

It is so fascinating to watch the activities on the parking lot of Tesla Giga Shanghai: cars parked, drivers take bus to get back, trucks backing, loading, leaving. the logistic efficiency is really progressing amazingly. "Please post more these parking lot watching if you could and thanks.
It's also strange seeing this many cars to be exported at the end of a financial quarter. Usually, Tesla exports cars at the beginning of the quarter and local cars at the end of the quarter. This is because they must be delivered to customers to be counted as part of quarterly sales figures. Makes me wonder if they aren't selling in China, so they need to export more. I think the global demand for Tesla cars is high as well," wrote one user.

Also, note that the second Tesla supercharger station is in use, and quite heavily. That factory is spitting out cars at an insane speed!

It's nice seeing those Tesla vehicles shipped by the dozens. And of course, also see the new road and bridge being used at Tesla Giga Shanghai, makes it easier and faster for the drivers.


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