“Suddenly A Star”~season 2 part 6~Roblox Mini Movie (Adopt me)~ VikingPrincessJazmin

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Hello fellow Vikings!

Grab your family and friends and don’t forget your snacks!
You are in for another episode of suddenly a Star!

Make sure to watch the first season to understand the story and the characters!
Part 1=
Part 2=
Part 3=
Part 4=

Season 2
Part 1=
Part 2=
Part 3=
Part 4=
Part 5=

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Make sure to join the group to become an official fellow Vikings today! ????

Enjoy! ????

~music credits~
Search And Destory by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license.


Song: Beutos - Forever
Music promoted by FMW. Released by Morph Records.
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