Minecraft Hardcore Let's Play - PUMPKIN & MELON FARM / VILLAGER TRADING HALL!!! - Episode 16

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In today's episode of our Minecraft Hardcore Survival Lets Play we're back in our survival island to add an awesome new Minecraft Automatic Pumpkin and Melon farm that is totally lossless!!! This Minecraft Survival pumpkin and melon farm is also underground and it also has an attached farmer villager trading hall!!! We're also heading back to our Minecraft Western Town to add our final brown sheep to our Wool Farm and I'm showing off a brand new western skin for our adventures in Spider Canyon!!!

Shout out to Zombeanie for the awesome new skin!!:


► World Seed: 8663566223340505744

► Base Coords: 167 / 70 / 124

► Jerm's Better Leaves Add-on -

► Fresh Animations Resource Pack:


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