LOKI Why It's Not Lady Loki: CRAZY Sylvie The Enchantress Evidence And Episode 3 Theories

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LOKI Why It's Not Lady Loki: Sylvie Evidence And Episode 3 Theories. Loki Episode 2 Introduced what we think is Lady Loki. However there's another big possibility and in this video we're breaking down why it may be the Marvel character Sylvie AKA The Enchantress. This video contains spoilers, easter eggs, things you missed and more.

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First introduced in Loki episode 2 it seemed like she is indeed a gender swapped version of the God Of Mischief from an alternate timeline.

However we do know some things that could contradict this and throughout the video we're gonna be going through the evidence to suppor that she's another Marvel character.

Full spoilers ahead so if you don't want anything ruined then I recommend you turn off now. Make sure you like the video if you enjoy it and don't forget to subscribe to never miss a trick. Cha cha, with that out the way, thanks for clicking this, now let's get into the video.

Ok so the mysterious variant of Loki is someone who has plagued the TVA throughout the first two episodes of the brand new disney plus series. She's wiped out several Minutemen team and is causing havok across the sacred timeline by creating several nexus events.

Episode 2 ended with Loki and the TVA going to the Roxxcart disaster to locate the character. We discovered that she had been hiding out at Apocalyptic events in order to avoid detection and after Mobius M Mobius tracked her down due to Kablooie being sold at this location the team closed in.

Loki came face to face with her and though she shared several mannerisms, 're you think that this is definitely Lady Loki.

Now firstly we have to take a big step back and look at the show's cast and how the series is gonna be operating. Episode 2 showcased that there are several versions of Loki running around and this includes things like Tour De France winners and ones that the Hulk wouldn't call so puny.

Therefore we know that out in the timeline that there are several versions of the character knocking about. We know from the trailers that we at least meet a King Loki ruler of Asgard version of the character as well as Vote Loki who appeared in his own comic run.

Speaking If you're familiar with Loki Agent Of Asgard then you will know that in that we deal with a brand new, young version of Loki that is trying to write the wrongs of his past. However he is haunted by a future version of himself, a much older Loki that torments him at every point.

We know from IMDB that Richard E Grant will be featuring in the show and personally I believe that this is an Old Version Of Loki.
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