First Date | Brookhaven Mini Movie-Rp (Roblox)

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❤︎???????????????? ????????❤︎
Hi Guys ????????New Video Again:3
♡︎~I hope you guys Loved it~♡︎
✰°Just a quick disclaimer this video is made for content purposes nor only for entertainment and not meant to offend viewers. And all the music here is not mine but from @NCS (except for the edits)inspired by all roblox players.°✰
✩~Anyways make sure to follow me on Roblox my user is thckhailey (sadly I cant accept all your requests because there's a 200 friend limit).All my social media accounts will be link just down here ????????.~✩




.:*☆✵???????????????????????????????????? & ????????????????✵☆*:.
᪥°~And yeah make sure to Subscribe and Like the video,if you guys would like to suggest some content feel free to comment it down below. Yeah thats all I wanna say,Stay Safe,I love you all, Thank You for Watching!~°᪥
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