CONAN's Best Celebrity Interviews: Volume One

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From Will Ferrell's Professor Feathers bit to Jack Black and Conan's guitar-off to Dana Carvey's spot-on impressions and Chelsea Handler's zingers, here are some of our favorite guest interviews from CONAN on TBS.

Watch the full clips:
Carl Reiner & Conan Take A #Selfishie:
Mel Brooks Had A Very Musical World War II:
Amy Schumer’s Super-Awkward Puberty:
Chelsea Handler On Getting Peed On By Jason Biggs:
Tig Notaro Stand-Up 12/06/11:
Kevin Nealon Wishes Cars Ran On Petroleum Jelly:
Dana Carvey Is A Presidential Impersonation Machine:
Don't Ask Will Ferrell About Professor Feathers:
Shaquille O'Neal & Conan Go For A Ride:
Adam Sandler Really Wants To See Shaq's Junk:
Allison Janney Will Kick Your Ass:
Nathan Fielder Brought Susan Sarandon As A Back-Up Guest:
Ron Funches Gave Away Money At Wachovia Bank:
Will Arnett & Jason Bateman's Paparazzi Love Stroll:
Conan And Jack Black's Guitar Battle:
Steven Ho Shows Conan To Fend Off A Men's Room Attack:
Steven Ho Kicks Conan's Teeth Out:

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