Black Ops Cold War ‘MAUER DER TOTEN’ Gameplay Prologue? | Kino Remake, Mega Barrel & 2nd Quest Guide

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Black Ops Cold War ‘MAUER DER TOTEN’ Gameplay Prologue? | Kino Remake, Mega Barrel & 2nd Quest Guide

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0:00 - Introduction
1:07 - Rip Raptor One, He Was There When We Needed Him Most
1:30 - EASY 2nd Outbreak Easter Egg Guide For Operation Excision
4:26 - One Of The Easiest Treyarch Quests in Black Ops History
4:55 - Eddie is NOT The Boy in The Intel, Here’s What Really Happened
5:34 - The Accursed One is Pretending To Be Valentina’s Father
5:56 - The Nukes Were Supposed To Destroy The Accursed One
6:42 - Kravchenko is Sus of Valentina After Outbreak’s Easter Egg
6:58 - Releasing The Accursed One in Mauer Der Toten Explained
7:33 - The Director Locked Up Samantha, She May Use Her Powers Soon
8:06 - Ravenov Has Been Declared The Enemy Of The State By USSR
8:18 - Huge Discovery About The Accursed One inside The Dark Aether
9:20 - Treyarch is SERIOUSLY Bringing The Heat With The Storyline
9:46 - Bonus Easter Egg Location in Sanatorium Ended Up Correct
10:27 - What is The Point Of Long Easter Egg Hunts Anyway? IMO
11:24 - Easter Eggs Will Remain Casual in Black Ops Cold War Zombies
12:08 - Treyarch Has Changed How Easter Egg Steps Work Now
13:08 - Mauer Der Toten Prologue Ending Cutscene & What it Means
14:04 - Our Crew isn’t Canon, We ARE The Crew & It Still Matters
14:38 - Mega Barrel Wonder Weapons Being Saved For DLC 3?!
15:30 - Kino Remake FOUND in Mauer Der Toten Gameplay Tease
16:20 - Operation Excision Was A Prologue MORE Than A Easter Egg
16:42 - Closing Statement

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