Apple Is Terrible for Your Privacy

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Your data is not safe with Apple. Wherever they can, Apple tracks you and shares your data. Their privacy policy got you covered.
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Apple is not your friend. It’s a publicly traded corporation. Just because they sell a lot of hardware doesn’t mean they won’t take every opportunity to increase their revenue by monetizing customer data too. Samsung is much more of a hardware company than Apple but that doesn’t prove anything about their data practices. Their privacy policies and company track records do.

Do not trust Apple with your data. Do not trust any company with your data. Compartmentalize. Use free and open source software with good security standards and leadership behind it. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Use different providers for different services but choose from those that can actually prove they respect your privacy, rather than just use flowery PR talk.

Apple's real privacy policy:
Developer guidelines on data practices:
Data policies of Apple services:
- Apple Advertising:
- App Store:
- Apple ID:
- iMessage and FaceTime:
- Siri:
- Apple Pay:
- Apple News:
- Apple Music:
- Apple Music Web Player:
Apple transparency report:
Google transparency report: :US;series:compliance&lu=user_data_produced
Data analysis:
Apple kowtow's to the FBI's demands and drops end-to-end encryption:
Google develops end-to-end encryption nonetheless:

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