ANIME BATTLES COME TO LIFE! | Beyblade Burst BEYCAMP App Battle Demo & Review

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BEYCAMP has launched just recently and it’s not bad at all! It’s a totally different spin on Beyblade apps that we’re used to seeing. Beycamp focuses on your real life battles and uses the camera on your smart devices to liven it up. The special effects are nice to see because it helps bring that anime-style battle to real life.

It does, however, get in the way of the view sometimes when you’re focused on watching your Beys. The app is pretty sick overall, but we think there could be some improvements to really make it worth using all the time. The point system is also not what we’re used to and based on newer formats, so that’s something you BBGs will also have to familiar with.

What do you BBGs think of the app? Remember that it’s only available in the JAPANESE App Store! What else would you like to see the app do? Do you think knockouts/over finishes should be worth 2 points? Let us know!

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