15 Jobs That Pay You To Do Nothing

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15 Jobs That Pay You To Do Nothing
15 Reasons Why The 4 Hour Work Week Is A Lie:

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In this video we will be answering the following questions:
What are 15 Jobs That Pay You To Do Nothing?
What are the best jobs that pay you to do nothing?
Is there a job that pays you to do nothing?
What are high paying jobs that where you have nothing to do?
How can I get a job that requires nothing to do?
What are 15 Jobs for Lazy People That Pay Well?
What are 15 Odd Jobs That Pay Well?
Are there any jobs where people get paid to do virtually nothing?
What are 15 High-Paying that require you to do nothing?
What are 15 easy jobs that pay well with nothing to do?

00:00 - Intro
00:15 - Testing Casino floors
01:21 - Standing in line
01:43 - Professional Mourner
02:36 - Get Paid to Listen to music
03:02 - Read for a living
03:34 - IT
04:09 - Hotel sleep tester
05:04 - Professional foreigner
05:47 - Art project in Sweden
06:46 - Island caretaker
07:41 - Look after pandas
08:28 - The Professional Bridesmaid or Best Man
09:05 - Any type of tester…
09:54 - Netflix ‘Tagger.’
10:43 - Water Slide tester
11:35 - Question

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